"Last spring my daughter Delaney began working at a nursery and was spending 8 hour shifts working outdoors in a hot, dusty, and dirty environment. She was working in a very physically active capacity, all while wearing a mask. Very hot, grueling work for a teenager! 

Her first days were spent with either a cloth or surgical mask, and the skin around her mouth, cheeks, and nose quickly developed acne and breakouts. Needless to say, she was uncomfortable and incredibly self-conscious about her looks. My wife and I felt really badly for her. Her regular routine of using skin cleaners and acne ointments wasn't working. 

We got her a Safe+Face Mask and Safe+Gaiter for comfort reasons (as well as efficacy, so we hoped)!  

After another long, hot, sweaty day at work, she came home after her first day wearing it with glowing reviews!  

She loved the comfort and feel and told us she actually forgot she had it on at times! It was a heartwarming moment for us.  

A couple days later she told my wife and I that her acne was almost completely cleared! I think my wife nearly fainted with joy. Our sweet daughter Delaney attributed her clearer skin completely to the new Safe+Gaiter and Safe+Face Mask! She used them interchangeably.  

Needless to say, she sold a lot of gaiters and masks to co-workers and customers last summer! She was overjoyed with the outcome." 

- Paul S. from Cleveland, Ohio

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