The Safe+Gaiter is made from a luxurious, high-tech circular knit fabric with 5,088 stitches per inch, providing amazingly soft, comfortable fit and "breathe-easy" properties.

The very comfortable, cool fabric is treated with Microban AEGIS® Microbe Shield®; providing antimicrobial protection against coronavirus and bacteria- tested to 99.95% elimination by major USA and European labs. 

The "microbe shield" kills bacteria that leads to acne and skin irritations! 

The hypoallergenic properties (no skin irritation or acne) permit wearing the gaiter for 8 to 10 hours per day and not feel any discomfort. 

 The American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists AATCC 61 Method 2A test was performed by Microban 24 Laboratories. It is a test of "long-term efficacy" regards the properties of a fabric material to withstand continuous abrasion (e.g. abrasion resistance).  In this particular case, it's testing the treated fabric for multiple washes in a washing machine with "rocks" (for induced abrasion).  The test determines IF the fabric works as well after 50 washes, as it did after the first wash/dry cycle! That is a very "rough" test of any fabric material and treatment!

The test results show a 99.9% reduction of bacteria on both first and last tests. Since there was “zero” reduction in efficacy, Microban elected to stop any further testing after 50 wash/ drying cycles. Here is a summary of that test below. 

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