There is significant research on the effects of micro-currents of sub-1.0 amps that are created in a field between a weak cathode and anode (positive & negative) on your skin. The weak field is sufficient to kill ANY bacteria and virus that are trying to use your skin as a "host" to feed and multiply themselves! In particular, bacteria are the worst offenders for your skin, creating skin rashes and acne that irritates the skin and looks very bad for you cosmetically. 

Use the Zap SKIN line of products to kill all bacteria and viruses on your skin all day, every day, and live a "zit-free", "pimple-free" lifestyle!!  

Here are the references that support our revolutionary technology from the National Institute of Health and other sources:

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Micro-amp Electric Current Causes Bacterial Membrane Damage

Weak electric currents could help combat superbugs

Using Weak Electric Fields to Make Virus-Killing Face Masks

Self-Disinfecting, 'Electric' Face Masks Reportedly Kill Coronavirus

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